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The Casing Clamp & Guide Assembly* 
work in tight locations and is dependable in harsh environments  

  • Three, four and five leg configurations
  • Standard sizes from 
    OD 620mm to 2500mm
    ​to fit casings manufactured by Bauer, Casagrande, Leffer and Liebherr


  • Automatic casing release on lift.
  • Automatic re-clamp on casing drop.
  • Standard clamping arms, used on all sizes.
  • Compact frame design which allows working close to obstructions.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Ground spikes and optional locating pins.
  • Totally rebuildable using replaceable hardened steel bushings.
  • No hydraulics required.

​Casing Clamp & Guide Assembly 

*Pat. 11,085,251 B2

We can also custom design and build the Casing Manipulator to fit your requirements

Casing Clamp Guide Operation

Sectional casings are widely used in the construction of concrete piles and secant walls where drilling a borehole is not possible due to unstable collapsible soil and when the piles borehole cannot be sealed against water ingress. Contractors use various methods of holding the casing string before disconnecting the drill rig’s casing drive adapter.

Most holding methods generally take too much time to set up, can be unsafe, suffer from poor reliability and require extra personnel.

Our casing clamp & guide assembly is a mechanical guide that accurately positions the first casing shoe assembly and prevents it from wandering when initially turned and forced into the soil. It is also a mechanical clamp that is self-aligning and self-tightening while holding (clamping) a casing string during extraction from a drilled borehole, allowing casing sections to be removed. It is also self-releasing when the casing string is raised by the drill rig, and requires very little physical handling, no hand tools to tighten and undo bolts and no outside hydraulic power to provide clamping force. It will also function when partially or totally submerged in water or mud, sitting on uneven ground or sinking unevenly into the ground as weight from the casing string transfers to the casing clamp & guide assembly.

The mechanical gripping arms in the casing clamp & guide assembly allow limited oscillation in all planes, (“X”, “Y” and “Z”, limited by the mechanical linkage) providing up to 6 degrees of misalignment in all directions between the casing clamp & guide assembly and the and the casing. The casing clamping & guide assembly can have a minimum of three gripping arms. For larger diameter casings, the use of four or five gripping arms are used. No matter how many gripping arms, they are equally spaced around the casing clamp & guide assembly mainframe, providing a self-aligning and tightening action against the casing.

Initial centralizing of the casing in the clamp’s mainframe is not required as the gripping arms automatically align and adjust as they tighten against the casing.

Visit this link for further description of general drilling procedure using sectional casings 

Article written by Peter Lloyd, President Automated Recycling Systems Inc. (ARS)

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